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Our Story

The idea of BelAraby - بالعربي started as a simple idea when Mohamed Alkiswani, the founder of the group, was looking for Arabic programs to teach his daughter the Arabic language because they live in America and his wife does not speak Arabic. Then he found that there was a real scarcity of Arabic content on the Internet, but he did not devote time to solving the problem because he was busy with his work in Amazon and Google until one day, during his work in Google, he started working on one of the projects to improve one of the large AI models in Google for the Arabic language, and he found that the real problem consists In that the number of Arabic pages with high quality is very little compared to the English content, as the Arabic content represents less than 1 percent, and the English content represents more than 53 percent

As expected, solving this problem requires a lot of work and effort from the BelAraby - بالعربي group and the Arab Community itself in order to succeed, and in order for us to multiply the Arabic content by 10X. we need to have the right tools and infrastructure to enable the arab content creators to create high quality content in timely manner. and that's what bellaraby group goal is all about.

BelAraby Group

 BellAraby Group will create a group of platforms

BelAraby Academy aims to provide free courses to teach the community how to build websites, social media platforms and e-commerce websites and many other topics. with quality in mind without the need to learn programming, through easy lessons for beginners and with a detailed step-by-step explanations in native Arabic. People will be able to quickly build a sites using the latest tools and learn important topics such as SEO, Digital Marketing, making money online, no-code/low code concepts and many others.

Fans platform aims to bring content creators together with their fans or followers on social media platforms, and gives fans the opportunity to subscribe to their favorite content creators and how support by paying a small or symbolic amount on a monthly basis to encourage content creators to continue creating high-quality content, and in return fans or followers will be able to watch Exclusive content from their favorite content creators

BelAraby - بالعربي Group will have a mechanism that guarantees the quality of the content in order to ensure that the content is consistent with our arab community traditions and believes which we are proud of


BellAraby - Movies is a platform that specializes in all information about Arab films and Arab actors, the latest news of films and actors, and knowledge of everything new about Arab cinema or theater. You can watch films, make suggestions, and share opinions about a specific movie.


And many other platforms

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